where it started...

 I'm a runner (hasn't always been the case though!), and whilst I’m not fast, distance seems to work. I completed a crazy event which covered 43 miles from Keswick to Barrow in the Lake District (yes, I know it really is crazy!). I’d built incredible fitness from that and had ideas on similar events. A broken ankle stopped me in my tracks training on a mountain one day. Physically, fitness suffered and subsequently, the associated depression knocked my mental health.

What initially seemed to be my worst nightmare, actually became a lightbulb moment. I sought help, also looked for other wellbeing options to support me, eventually climbing back up. What I saw back then, were the many more people that could benefit from having a holistic approach to wellbeing; in its preventative form.  Immediately, I wanted to do something for others, in supporting them to build healthier, fuller lives, and haven’t looked back since!