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wellbeing is...

I eat well and keep up with latest nutritional thinking (like which avocado might give me more energy!). I choose blue sky and green grass outside for my running endeavours (no prize winning times, it’s the taking part that counts!). It offers lots of fresh air and mind clearing sessions.

Relationships are incredibly important to our wellbeing; I spend time nourishing the people in my life (even if some are more demanding than others!). My passion for us humans continued beyond the university psychology degree, so I have stacks of literature covering how we operate, and constantly assess and test different thinking approaches (like how I can use neuroscience to stop eating so much cake!).

I love yoga and use meditation (this really is where I learnt to slow things down), they’re both a great source of calm in hectic times. These are some of my wellbeing elements, yours might be different. Maybe you want help getting control of daily life or an exercise habit in place. It could even be a focus on curbing chocolate cravings or creating more space for rest?