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productivity is... 

Are you reading this thinking “I haven’t got time for this”?

You probably made it to this page for that exact reason. When I’m not productive or not looking after my wellbeing, my general life suffers. I go round in circles, checking, re-writing, even ignoring, the same to do lists. I quickly realised, when I started on my own coaching journey to change the way I operate, that my to-do lists were actually debilitating me! I researched, tried, failed, tried again, sampled other ways and crafted my way of “productive working”.

You are the person in charge of how productive you are. It doesn’t happen on its own either. The “system” needs to work for you, fit your personality, beliefs and life in general. Using the techniques I researched and taking your desire for action, we can build a way for you to be efficient, effective and take control of all the activities you want to achieve, starting with your immediate priorities. This sense or organisation frees up space in your mind to be creative, open to ideas, free to enjoy yourself and equally importantly, start looking up, and at what you want from your long term goals.