Creating space to bring as much care and attention to yourself, as the people that matter to you most.  

How can we best support you?

Me! First off – you have done a brave thing, taking time to invest in yourself. Even if you only browse this page, you have granted the permission to explore your own needs, that so many people like you struggle with.

Something doesn’t feel right.  “I can’t keep doing this” is your catch phrase, along with “is this it for my life?”. The feeling is not “that bad” though,  “it’ll go away”.  Yet it doesn’t.  The loop is on repeat. 

Sound like YOU? I work with people One to One on how you can boost your resilience and carry on, or boost your confidence and move on..maybe a career shift even?

My team! Is your team at breaking point? Are they exhausted from constant change, failing IT systems, patient abuse, or staff shortages?

My clients have seen strengthened relationships, the deeper sharing of concerns, closer collaborations, happier colleagues, increased productivity and new insights allowing better efficiencies and effectiveness at work. I work with teams in a range of ways, from one off workshops through to on-going programmes and conference talks as well as team coaching.

I’m a Coach! As a coach, I know you will thrive on continually developing yourself, as well as meeting and discussing all things coaching with your peers. As a Professional Coach, I hold the PCC credential with the ICF, which enables me to Mentor Coach those seeking ICF credentials. Further to that, I am a Coach Supervisor – read more here.

Why else might we work together? My work in Wellness and Resilience is evidence based using tools like Wraw, and I am also a Shapes Facilitator. More poignant perhaps, is the lived experience I candidly bring to the table. Life does not come with a manual, but we can certainly work together to create one for you, your team or even your organisation.

My specialism: people whose vocation has meant everyone else comes first; I work mainly with doctors, teachers and others in the healthcare and education sectors.

The next step is to talk about what you need most right now. 

Let’s discuss what you need. 

 What have you got to lose?

Sheela Hobden is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation. She holds a Post Graduate Certificate (PGCERT) in Business & Personal Coaching and is a Wraw (Workplace Resilience and Well-being) practitioner. Additionally she is a trained Mentor Coach and Coach Super Visor. Loving coaching so much, she is a Coaching Researcher, with a desire to contribute to the evidence base for coaching.