Professional Coaching

Intelligent Wellness

Creating space to bring as much care and attention to yourself, as the people that matter to you most.  

Something doesn’t feel right. 

You feel like you might be losing control. 

“I can’t keep doing this” is your catch phrase, along with “is this it for my life?”.

The feeling is not “that bad” though,  “it’ll go away”.  Yet it doesn’t.  The loop is on repeat. 

The good news is (yes, there is some!) that I have trodden that path.  Got scratched by the brambles, been stuck in the mud and sweated my way up the cliff.  I’m here to walk together with you, so that your experience of navigating the road is a little smoother, avoiding the tangles and bumpy bits. 

Sound like YOU? I work with people One to One, with Teams, talk at Conferences as well as develop other Coaches. As a Professional Coach, I hold an ACC credential with the ICF and invest in continual development. My work in Wellness and Resilience is evidence based using tools like Wraw, and I am also a Shapes Facilitator.

My specialism: people whose vocation has meant everyone else comes first; I work mainly with doctors, teachers and others in the healthcare and education sectors.

Not really sure what you’re after?  Have a browse around.  Check out the taster events to showcase the core work.  I’m not tracking anything here (I don’t even know how to) so do take your time.

The next step is to talk about what you need most right now. 

Let’s discuss what you need. 


What have you got to lose?


Sheela awarded PCC (Professional Certified Coach) status!

“I’ve partnered with a lot of people, helping change many lives and careers in pursuit of this recognition from The International Coaching Federation.

I am thrilled to also now be able to offer Mentoring to other Coaches”

Sheela Hobden


Professional Certified Coach (PCC)
(International Coach Federation)

Post Graduate Certificate (PGCERT) in
Business & Personal Coaching

Sheela Hobden Wraw PractitionerWraw Index Practitioner
(Workplace Resilience and Well-being psychometric tool)

Associate CIPD membership
(Chartered Institute of Personnel Development)

If I’m not coaching, I’m swimming, in Poole, Dorset!