Project Description:

In recent times, mental health, staff resilience and wellbeing are rising up the global agenda. If we do not do anything about it, we are heading for a world-wide mental health crisis.   We should be “fostering mental wellbeing for workers”.

The focus for this research is specifically how coaching improves resilience, and impacts the wellbeing of staff, in the workplace. 

This research seeks to, rather than separate the approaches, answer the question whether “any workplace coaching” will improve resilience and wellbeing. 

It has the potential to further underpin the recognition of coaching from a scientific position, as an evidence-based practice to improve wellbeing (as coaching psychology defines itself). 

It will have practical and societal benefits, through it’s relevance to coaches and buyers of coaching, in terms of methods to adopt (or not) as well as increase public awareness to the potential benefits of coaching and how businesses can adopt it to support their workforce.


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Project Status:

As of May 2024 all coaching conversations have taken place, and the remaining data collection is from longitudinal surveys post-coaching (three and 6 month intervals following the end of each coaching assignment).  It is expected for all data to be complete by November 2024, with the write up expected early 2025.  Do subscribe to the updates to remain informed of progress.

What if I’d like to be involved as a coach?

There are likely to be follow up projects, and if you are interested in participating, please email 

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