A partnership tailored to you.

I specialise in coaching GPs, those in healthcare, education and freelancers.  The commonality across this group is the drive and passion to care for others.  Sometimes, at the expense of yourselves.

The investment in yourself can free you from burn out, procrastination, perfectionism or people pleasing to list just a few.

Everyone is unique, you may prefer 60 minute sessions, for others, 90 minutes works better.  These can be face to face, telephone or video conference.  

If we get the choice (COVID is an obvious roadblock), we will work together on the beach.  You get the fresh air and gentle brush of the waves giving you the space you crave, to do the thinking you need to.  NOTE – phone is equally effective, as you choose where you are…maybe that’s your favourite local walk as we talk.

Before you invest in yourself, why not talk to me about what you want coaching to achieve for you, so you are confident in your decision to progress.  Book a time for us to talk…