MOT4U for Teachers: Start the new term well!

29th October 2021 at 11am

MOT4U Sheela Hobden


HEAD STRONG: Life lessons in overcoming adversity

RE-BOOT RETREAT: Pause | Reset | Re-charge

A virtual day of restoration.  Get in touch with Sheela for more information – 07866 612434.

The Pivot Pod

The Pivot Pod is a small, mutually-supportive group which provides a powerful and effective action learning approach, steered by experienced professional coaches.

This is a structured event, providing a confidential container to untangle your current conundrums!  Facilitated by a professional coach, each person within a group has an opportunity to explore an issue they are grappling with, or an opportunity they are facing.  Then the power of the group emerges in helping define the precise problem, in exploring options and supporting you with formulating the action steps towards your best solution.

What to expect when you join The Pivot Pod – Sheela Hobden introduces you!

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