Wraw Full Individual Report & Coaching Session (Instant Link & Book your slot!)


The individual report provides a comprehensive view of personal resilience and its impact on wellbeing for working people. Explore your current levels of resilience and how this is impacting the extent to which you are feeling the effects of pressures, challenges and adversities. Drill down into the 5 pillars and identify strategies to enhance personal resilience.

The report is shared with you during a 90 minute coaching session, either virtually or in person, giving you the time and space to consider your own ideas and strategies to raise your wellbeing.


Wraw is a psychometric tool and survey that provides a robust measure of resilience for individuals, teams and organisations and offers insights into the impact on wellbeing in the workplace.

According to the CIPD, 55% of organisations have seen an increase in reported common mental health conditions amongst their employees over the last 12 months*.

As resilience and mental wellbeing at work become an increasing priority, there is more demand for data insights from individuals, teams and organisations. This data provides a foundation upon which strategies and protective measures can be implemented to maintain and enhance resilience and wellbeing, as well as assess changes over time.

Wraw is based on the 5 pillars of Resilience, which provides a holistic view, covering thinking style and the emotional and physical elements that impact wellbeing.

Your report will show where your resilience sits in line with the pillars, and how your thoughts and actions are impacting your well-being.

The coaching session will explore what you are doing well, and help you review areas that could improve your well-being.  It can be done face to face, or using video or audio only; to suit your personal preference.