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You know those everlasting birthday cake candles.  You blow them out, and they re-light?  They simply won’t burn out.  The trick to their radiant resilience is; magnesium powder.  It ignites at lower temperatures, so as the candle smoulders and runs out of energy, the magnesium kicks in and it has a second lease of life! 
I think we could all do with some Magnesium powder right now, hey?   
Here’s some ideas on experiments with activities to create “magnesium powder” for us all! 

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Stagnant Growth: How we might be pickling ourselves into limited mobility?

The slower you go, the faster you grow. In our fear of “getting it wrong” or “not being any good”, we “pickle” ourselves into remaining the same. Let us look at how to slow down to allow the experim…

Sheela Hobden Executive Coach
The Ultimate Guide To Unlocking The Knowing-Doing Gap

How is that gap between knowledge and action so wide? The short answer, I believe, is that the river of doubt runs deep, and fast! There are several reasons that prevent the crossing.

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REST – the secret superpower of the re-charge

Rest is a secret superpower. Read on for five super easy tips to get more down time during the day.

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Choice – are you really in control?

“I am choosing to open my eyes whilst I talk to you”. How much appreciation do you have for the choices we make in every moment of the day? We explore how this benefits us here.

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Can Wellness really be boosted through thinking? Coaching suggests YES it CAN!

Does coaching really have the power to boost your well-being? Early findings suggest this is the case. The different elements are explored here.

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How coaching improves your activity levels

Coaching has some unexpected benefits, one of which is increased levels of activity. How could you benefit from this? We help you explore.

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How coaching improves setting your boundaries

Learn more on how coaching impacts our ability to set boundaries and how it becomes easier through the process, bringing benefits to work and life.

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How coaching can improve your sleep

Exploration of how coaching has the potential to improve sleep, based on the processing of challenges in waking hours, rather than “churning” it overnight.

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How coaching brings a sense of control

What do we mean by “a sense of control”? A definition from the Human Givens Institute is “having volition to make responsible choices” and thus thelevel of control you feel you…

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How coaching brings an optimistic mindset

Coaching is proving to be an effective strategy in building resilience and positively impacting well-being. This article shares how it works and is one of five areas found to benefit from coaching.

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How do you get out of feeling stuck? Ideas to try

What do you do when you don’t know what do to? Maybe it is more about recognising the “stuck” feeling and figuring out HOW to find out…

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Being the Best, A Change for a Rest, What is your Quest?

Article exploring perfectionism, our sense of identity and how we can question our own thoughts to find the best answers. Summer musings!

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When it comes to Mental Health, can coaching work?

The lines between counselling and coaching are becoming evermore blurred. This article asks how might coaching help your Mental Health?

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What’s in a name?

Why we’re called bluegreen Coaching – the influence and power of nature.

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The Big Small

When accidents happen, what lessons can be learnt? The power of focus, attention and safety.

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Mental Health Recovery: How to return to work well.

How to return to walk and feel confident about what it will be like when you are back.

Sheela Hobden Coaching Time Off Mental Health
How to spend time off for a Mental Health break

You finally get the courage to recognise you need time out.  Work is off the menu.  Now what? “The first days were a total blur. I rested a lot, cried a lot and got help. Gradually I introduced a bit …

Difficult Conversations
How to have that difficult conversation you’ve been putting off…

Often, the thought of a conversation, and out wild imagination about how bad it might be prevents us from having it. Here are ideas on navigating it to success for all!

Hand Drowning Sheela Hobden
When is the right time, to give your mental health a break? A guide to help you decide

My guess is that you’re here because either; a) you know deep down you need time out and, you’re seeking external evidence to justify it or; b) you’re experiencing some really uncomfortabl…

“Why do you wake up in the morning?”

I’m sitting in my first ever “Humans First” meet up. I’d been encouraged to go by two separate (wonderful) people that I have met over the last few years of being down in Dorset. This group however, i…

Sheela Hobden "Everything is going to be alright" Optimistic
How to adopt a more optimistic outlook in a few simple steps

Can smiling really help your wound heal faster? Martin Seligman is a huge positive psychology guru and I was first introduced to his work when his book “Flourish” appeared on the reading list for my c…

Sheela Hobden Brain Fog Coaching
How to see past the “fog”!

On my misty, drizzly walk to the beach this morning, I reflected on the stark difference from only 5 days ago. Bournemouth hit the news for its swarms of people, piled on top of each other, with the a…

Sheela Hobden Should Coaching
5 steps to stop feeling like you “should” all the time…

As if a blog post could be about the word “should”!? Take a moment to think though. How many “should”s do you put pressure on yourself with on a daily basis? To what extent do they weigh on your mind?…

Sheela Hobden Sleep Coaching
SLEEP – What’s the big deal?

Sleep is one of the most fundamental factors in our sense of well-being. This article explores why as well as sharing tips to improve how you get yours.

Pendulum Sheela Hobden
COVID19: The pendulum of emotions and what do to about them

There are endless “how to” posts across all social media channels. Washing hands and social distancing are of course essential (although I would love to see more about the “why”, to help people unders…

Sheela Hobden Coaching the Coach
Dreaming of quitting your job? I did. Here’s what happened…

I dreamt it so much, it actually happened. It just popped out. I remember it, clear as day, exactly where I was sitting when the words “I don’t think I want to do this any more” tumbled out of my mout…

Sheela Hobden "A vehicle for wellbeing" MOT4U
How to talk about whats going on for you. Experience the “vehicle” for well-being…

I’ve struggled for a long time, being able to talk openly about how I feel, under the “wellbeing” umbrella.  I’m not talking spas, yoga and smoothies, in fact, I get very frustrated when that is …

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Winter Fuel: How Presence is more than Presents…

I spent yesterday with my dad. We were loading the wheelbarrow with logs and stacking near the house, ready for the imminent cold snap. This time two months ago, we weren’t even sure if we’d see his s…

Sheela Hobden Self-Care Coaching
What does it really mean, to put yourself first?

I’ve been off grid this month. My Dads been sick, like, intensive care on a ventilator for weeks kind of sick. Pneumonia followed by Septecemia. I honestly thought we’d lose him. It felt like someone …

Sheela Hobden Failure Coasteering
The exciting paradox of failure. How to learn from it…

I have a really strong memory of my association with failure. I had read about coasteering, and it sounded fun. I don’t really do detail, so didn’t see the finer points like, how high you actually are…

How to make those big decisions – a matrix approach

How many decisions do you make in a day? How much time do you give to them? On any one day, decisions can range from whether to read this article or whether to buy a house. The latter can take so much…

May the “flow” be with you…

It’s the end of May, and I wanted a blog post dated May, so it looks like I am “on top of” this blog stuff! Checking back through my “proposed titles” and half written articles, nothing jumped o…

Sheela Hobden Control Coaching
Out of control? Here’s how to get it back

It was a couple of my clients recently saying their big changes and shifts in thinking from coaching have been around “control” that sparked this post. I decided to write about what I know about it as…

Sheela Hobden Reflection
Spring Forwards – but also look back! How to reflect on experiences

What a glorious spring day! I decided to take to my bike. I am lucky enough to live on the south coast, so a short trip over on the Sandbanks ferry puts me en route to Swanage. The Purbeck views conti…

How is your energy? Need a power up?

The end of the year is nigh. Are you virtually on your knees, soldiering on, counting down the minutes to the festive break? Is the candle wick almost catching itself in the middle from the end of yea…

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WRAW! What does it stand for?

I hope you sang the title like the song? Actually, WRAW does stand for something though, unlike the word in the song! I’ve written before about where my interest in wellbeing and resilience stems from…

Are you a procrastinator? Try these 3 ideas

My Grandad had a plate mounted on the wall as I was growing up; a “Round Tuit”. I had an odd fascination with it. I never read the words,. Never understood the meaning, or comedy value! Now of course,…