How coaching brings an optimistic mindset

What we mean by “optimistic mindset”?

An optimistic mindset is, the extent to which you think in helpful and proportionate ways about events.

We are wired (thanks to our ancestors) to look out for negative things.  It is all about protection.  However, the things we used to need to protect ourselves from, on a daily basis, are no longer threats e.g. being attacked by a bear. 

It won’t surprise you then, that there are many studies (3 are listed here) showing the power of a positive outlook and how it links to resilience and its impact on wellbeing.  It is worth explaining here that having a positive approach is not about “being happy” all the time. The focus is on the way we believe that during tough times “this too shall pass” and “we will get through this”.   Martin Seligmans’ positive psychology approach describes this as realistic optimism. 

How does coaching help this?

Coaching opens up new ways of thinking for many people, and things they first thought were impossible or out of their reach, though conversation, exploration and building new awareness, bring potential new options and approaches.  Giving space and attention to ideas and possibilities, helps them grow.

Through coaching, we might change our view, beliefs and/or assumptions. This enables us to see new perspectives or approaches to situations we might be facing.  Taking that out into the wider world, more outlooks are spotted.  Building our capacity to see different ways to do things means we feel we might have alternative ways and options (see also the next section on control) to “get through”, things don’t seem as challenging, so we strengthen that capacity for realistic optimism.

I am much more relaxed about my outlook on life and have a much more positive outlook too. 

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Want to start helping yourself?

Have a think about this question: 

What good things have you experienced today?

[Repeat daily for at least a week and reflect on the summary]

NOTE – the question specifically says have you “experienced”,
rather than “happened to you”,
because how we see things is…
an active choice.

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Sheela Hobden

Sheela Hobden is a Coach at bluegreen Coaching.  Following her own mental health battles, she now coaches individuals, runs training sessions and speaks at conferences.  She has a real passion for helping medics and healthcare professionals take as much care of themselves as they do their patients in whatever life or career conundrums they face!  She is also a Mentor Coach and Coach Supervisor. She has a PGCERT in Business and Personal Coaching, holds PCC member status with the ICF and is CIPD qualified. She challenges herself with ultra distance running and Ironman.  Find her at or swimming in the sea, in Poole, Dorset

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