What’s in a name?

Occasionally, someone asks, “how come bluegreen?”

And so, an explanation follows. In holding a question on what the business should be called, options were considered. The simple truth is it just came one morning, on waking.  Seeing the two coloured words next to each other.

The more space it was given to grow, the more themes emerged.

Blue Sky – Green Trees

Blue Sea – Green Grass

The contrast when two “opposites” are viewed together

Added to which, the distinct difference between the two.

The logo recently had an update, in which, a subtle change was made. It is only spotted when you sit with it, reflecting on what is “curious” about it. 

…the word blue was coloured in green, and green in blue. 

So then, it is in THAT space that a new perspective emerges.  Alternative to the one our brain quickly gave us. Its known as the Stroop effect (if you’re into the science!).

It is in that coaching space, that we think, explore, reflect, learn and grow…

In coaching we take the opportunity to process information and assess our ability to override our instinctual fast thinking. It helps us gain clarity and focus, accessing System 2 thinking; our slower to react, rational, logical brains (again, check out Daniel Kahnemans research here).

…so that’s the story of bluegreen.

Did YOU notice the colours?

Its all about #nature this #mentalhealthawarenessweek2021

Sheela Hobden www.bluegreencoaching.com

Sheela Hobden is a Coach at bluegreen Coaching.  Following her own mental health battles, she now coaches individuals, runs training sessions and speaks at conferences.  She has a real passion for helping medics and healthcare professionals take as much care of themselves as they do their patients in whatever life or career conundrums they face!  She is also a Mentor Coach and Coach Supervisor. She has a PGCERT in Business and Personal Coaching, holds PCC member status with the ICF and is CIPD qualified. She challenges herself with ultra distance running and Ironman.  Find her at www.bluegreencoaching.com or swimming in the sea, in Poole, Dorset

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