Anna, Practice Manager

I found myself on a crossroads, not knowing where my career was heading with a feeling that I was losing control.  Sheela worked with me to identify what is important to me; and what’s really behind my drive to change a job/career. During that journey, I literally found myself, I am in control of my emotions and my confidence has improved considerably.  The coaching sessions gave me tools to deal with many situations and I am confident this will help me to stay on the course I’ve chosen.  Sheela provided lots of positive reinforcement and helpful ideas that I’ve started to implement in my work as well as in my private life.  I would definitely say one of the best things I have done recently was investing in coaching with Sheela.  It has been an amazing journey to get to know and understand myself.  I have accomplished more than I anticipated in starting this enlightening journey.  I will recommend coaching to anyone.