I was unsure about asking for your help, it felt self-indulgent. It was a massive step for me, I was nervous, but looking back, it was exactly what I needed to do. You were so friendly and reassuring I knew it would be OK. You were kind, and I felt safe and not stupid.  I like the fact we were looking forward all the time, as I wasn’t interested in introspection. I am now in a place where I am feeling a lot more grounded and I am stronger, instead of unsure and wobbly. You helped me acquire some practical tools and new perspectives, to work to keep me in this better place and move me forward.
I enjoyed the mix of techniques you used, visualisation and discussion, as well as the work you gave me to do between sessions. Meeting in different places was good, it meant less opportunity to fix in one place with a certain perspective.
I would have no hesitation about recommending coaching sessions with you, whether people are in a good place and want to continue to move forward, or if they need a refocus, as we all sometimes do.
Thank you so much for the time we spent together.