Amanda, Chief Operations and Finance Officer

Sheela has been a great coach for me. She asked me up front what I wanted from a coach and has retained and acted on this information throughout our sessions.

I have become much more reflective having worked with Sheela and she has held me to account on my agreed actions.

Audrey, NHS Team Secretary

My sessions with Sheela were really helpful in giving me strategies on how to say “no” and not feel bad, if there are things, I don’t have time to carry out.

One of the main things I enjoyed was drawing a heart and putting in all the things that I am and things I am good at. At first, I found this very difficult but then realised that I didn’t have enough room to fit everything into it. I use this model to bring back my confidence on busy and hard days which are many.

I recommended Sheela’s sessions with all my work colleagues and think we could all do with taking part in regular session’s every now and then, to help build up our resilience, and self-awareness.  Many thanks Sheela.

Dr Kate, GP Partner

It has been a really transformative experience. I have found your insights and challenges hugely helpful.  I would be happy to recommend you to anyone!

Dr Ruth, Salaried GP

The two sessions I have had 1:1 with Sheela have really helped to build on and personalise the work done via the “Reset, Rebalance, Revitalise” course. I’m sure they would be equally helpful as a stand-alone piece of work through.

Despite having some knowledge in this area, I have struggled to apply it to my own situation.

Sheela’s gentle, thought-provoking approach helped to clarify some issues for me and formulate achievable goals to improve my work/life balance.

Psychiatry Trainee

I came to our sessions with significant limiting beliefs about how I would take my planned next steps. Some of these beliefs have been rooted in my early childhood experiences and have been a significant part of my psychology for many, many years. I have been really impressed by your methodology; how you helped me walk through my goals, addressing what’s holding me back.

Together, we considered multiple different ways to address my limiting beliefs. Over three weeks, I have made enormous progress and there are tangible outcomes which have been achieved, just during that period.

Coaching was extremely approachable and I felt that you created a very warm trusting space. You understood me and the things that I was trying to communicate. Thank you for your time and helping me work on some long-standing issues for which I will be eternally grateful.

I would 100% recommend Sheela.

Lydia, Practice Manager

I was on a trajectory to hit rock bottom. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t exercising and my job was making me extremely unhappy.

Couldn’t see a way out.  Having been a Practice Manager for 10 years, an achievement I was so proud of, it was making me ill and I didn’t know what to do.  I felt ashamed of myself for not coping and I felt like I didn’t have a choice.

Coaching helped me to see that I did have choices, and that I was strong enough to make those choices.  I learnt who I was again, what was important to me.  My outlook on life has completely changed. I am sleeping better, I am exercising again and I have changed my role at work.

From disaster to success in just 3 months, but it doesn’t stop there… I now have techniques to continue to learn and develop and be ready for the next big decisions or life events that come my way.  Most importantly I am excited about life again and I am no longer defined by my job 😊.

Andy, Principal Pharmacist

I found Sheela’s coaching to be fantastically helpful.  I was struggling to balance competing pressures as a relatively new senior manager.

She helped me reflect on my strengths, plan on how to deal with difficult situations.  It also helped remind myself that I have the skills that I need to do my job!

Having an external voice provide support and encouragement but also direct my thought processes was exactly what I needed to help me feel more in control of my workload.

Chris Watts, Executive Officer

Thanks for the MOT4U session your ran for our Practice Managers. I thought it was excellent and I enjoyed it.

It was good that you didn’t bamboozle with lots of complicated models and management tools.

There was clearly lots of feeling in the same boat which in itself will be bolstering for them – remote communications/meetings will have taken away a certain amount of the peer support that they had pre-COVID.

Kassie, Community Builder

2020, what a year! Adrenals flaring, internal sirens screaming, emotions flailing. Sheela has been a calm voice guiding me through while I navigated the throes of ending one career and starting a brand new one amidst a pandemic, quarantine and economic panic. Her patience, encouragement and deep listening supplemented by a practical toolkit of CBT and mindfulness based exercises have been invaluable in helping me find my way out the tunnel and landing up stronger on the other side.

Thank you, Sheela!


I was unsure about asking for your help, it felt self-indulgent. It was a massive step for me, I was nervous, but looking back, it was exactly what I needed to do. You were so friendly and reassuring I knew it would be OK. You were kind, and I felt safe and not stupid.  I like the fact we were looking forward all the time, as I wasn’t interested in introspection. I am now in a place where I am feeling a lot more grounded and I am stronger, instead of unsure and wobbly. You helped me acquire some practical tools and new perspectives, to work to keep me in this better place and move me forward.
I enjoyed the mix of techniques you used, visualisation and discussion, as well as the work you gave me to do between sessions. Meeting in different places was good, it meant less opportunity to fix in one place with a certain perspective.
I would have no hesitation about recommending coaching sessions with you, whether people are in a good place and want to continue to move forward, or if they need a refocus, as we all sometimes do.
Thank you so much for the time we spent together.